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    Name:Huaibei Golo Conveyor System Components Co.,Ltd

    Address:Nvzhen West Road No.5,Economic and Technology Development Zone,Suixi County,Huaibei City, Anhui Province.





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      Huaibei GOLO conveyor system components Co., Ltd is a joint venture by the France MFP Group holding, joint with the China Shanghai mail machine leather gorflex company.   HuaiBei GOLO conveyor system components Co.,Ltd locates at HuaiBei economic development zone, whose senior technical people and management people are more than 20, high engineers are 5 people. Our company was established on November in 2005, the total investment reaches 25 million Yuan. It is mainly engaged in the production of about ten kinds conveyors such as carrying rollers, pin, conveyor belt buckles, auto deviation correcting devices of conveying belts, integrated anti-tearing damping sliding chute, source-free multi-point belt break protectors, as well the process of spare parts.

     The products of company are widely used in many fields such as coal mining, harbor, metallurgy, chemistries, construction, power, light industrial, agriculture, Sports equipment and any other areas including USA, France, UK, Australia, Germany, South America and Singapore etc.

    GOLO Idler is FS(complete seal, water and dust proof) type of Idlers. This bearings assembly consists of high accurate bearing house, the special Bearing, the special3-lips seal made of polyurethane, the circlip connecting with the bearing house and advanced grease. These bearings are widely used in many countries and areas with the features of nice structure, high accuracy, complete seal, long life and reliable performance. The steel pipe of Idler is used by the patent Idler pipe from the largest and best pipe industry in our country to ensure the pipe’s roundness, material, and thickness, wear-resistant. Idler shaft use high quality steel 45# from fix manufactures to ensure its reliable material. Coupled with our Company's strict quality management system, fully automated production line and a full set of high-precision quality testing equipment, to fully guarantee each Idler of our company has precise structure, rotating flexible, small resistance and the durability of points.

    We solemnly promise: Each Idler provided by our company has the testing life of more than 30,000 hours, free replacement if damaged on the normal circumstance..



    Huaibei Golo Conveyor System Components Co.,Ltd

    Address: Nvzhen West Road NO.5,Economic and Technology Development Zone,Suixi County,Huaibei City, Anhui Province.

    Zip Code:235100 Hotline:0561-6063701 Fax:0561-6063702

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